Call for Japanese Government to Declassify Germ Warfare Documentation

Chinese victims’ families attend press conference

On the 15th of October, a Professor Emeritus at Keio University, Takao Matsumura, along with a representative from civic group ‘Unit 731: Revealing the Truth about Japan’s Germ Warfare Unit’ held a press conference in Tokyo. The group revealed to the media that they had unearthed confidential military medical school material indicating that the Japanese Imperial Army used bio-weapons in China during World War II. Professor Matsumura criticized the government’s stance of denying the existence of germ warfare, because of a lack of evidence, stating “The government should investigate properly because there must be other similar documentation.”

Visiting Japan for the press conference were five Chinese nationals, from families who claimed to be victims of Japanese germ warfare. Their representative, Wang Xuan, said “Germ warfare is a vicious criminal act and not to reveal the truth is shameful. We want the Japanese government to declassify all related material.”

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