Baby Macaque Monkeys on Mt. Takasaki

In the prime of their mischievousness







On Mount Takasaki Natural Zoo in Oita City, where wild Japanese macaque monkeys have made their home, the babies born this year can be seen playing vigorously with the ‘jungle gym and slide’ installed specially for them.

According to the zoo, a total of 94 baby macaques were born to two groups on Mount Takasaki between May and September 2011. At a month or two old, they are grown up enough to play in groups, and they start to integrate into the macaque society. In the evening, the mothers come to collect their babies and go back to the mountain together.

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Japan’s Most Dangerous Festival?

Traditional Festival Kicks Off in Osaka, Japan

The annual “Kishiwada Danjiri Festival” commenced in Kishiwada, Osaka today.

The festival highlight is “Yarimawashi” during which four-ton wooden floats are pulled at a right angle around street corners. Groups of men pull the floats at speed, encouraged by great cheers from the thousands lining the streets as each Yarimawashi is performed.

The Kishiwada Danjiri Festival expects more than 500,000 visitors over the 17th and 18th of September.

Translated and adapted from NTV NEWS24

Five Kishiwada Danjiri festival facts:

  1. The Kishiwada Danji Festival began in 1703
  2. Men risk their lives, dancing on top of the danjiri as they’re dragged around the streets
  3. More than 40 men have died in danjiri accidents over the last 100 years of the festival
  4. Each danjiri is sponsored and costs around 200,000,000 yen to make (over £1.5 million!)
  5. All Kishiwada residents must contribute to the cost of the danjiri – you can’t live in the city if you refuse!